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Laundry Rooms are a New $tatus Symbol

If laundry rooms are a status symbol, what does your laundry room say about you? The demands are clear. People want large laundry rooms that are clean and easy to access from main rooms in the home. They want a room in which they can store craft, sewing, and gardening materials. Do you have windows in your laundry room that allow you to watch your kids play in the backyard? Are you tired of spending a few hours every week in your small, dark, dungeon-like laundry room? Here are a few ideas to upgrade your laundry room to either help you sell your home, make your living space more livable, or attract renters. Click Here to Read!

Do You Need a New Mattress?

Money may be tight, but a new mattress could improve your energy level and help elevate those back and shoulder pains. How? You spend one-third of your life sleeping. So by sleeping on a quality mattress, you would give your body the support it needs to rest from the stresses of the day. So how do you know if you need a new mattress, and how do you choose from all the mattresses out there? The following article will help you answer those questions. Click Here to Read!


Prepare for Moving Day the Month Before

Moving day should not be filled with extra stress and tension. Right now your mind may be spinning with all the details of trying to deal with selling your home, moving into a new one, and keeping your life organized. The following article will help you deal with all of those consuming details in an organized fashion. The guide breaks down what you need to do the month before moving, two weeks before moving, and then both the day before and the day of moving. So take a few minutes to get organized so that you can enjoy this exciting process.  Click Here to Read!

Newsletter Page

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