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Title Insurance - What You Need to Know

Are you confused about title insurance? Perhaps you are uncertain about what it covers and why you even need title insurance. This article covers the basics, helping you become better equipped to protect your family’s interests for years to come BEFORE you sign anything!

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Earnest Money 101

If you are a seasoned homebuyer, then you may already know the ins and outs of earnest money. If you are new to the home-buying arena, or if the market has swayed from buyer to seller, then you probably need to learn a little more.

Did you know that in some areas you do not need to provide more than a single dollar in earnest money? Likewise, did you realize that earnest money can be what gets your offer accepted by the seller when buyers are making offers on the home daily, even if you have offered the least? Click Here to Read!


Selling During the Winter Holiday Season

With the winter holiday season getting into full swing, this is a great time to discuss the merits of selling your home during the most festive time of year. Most people do not want to purchase a home over the holidays, so most sellers and brokers take a few weeks off during December. This can be advantageous for those sellers who opt to keep their home on the market during the winter months. Click Here to Read!


Newsletter Page

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