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How to Live Through the Remodeling Process
Remodeling your home is an exiting time but can also be a stressful time. Debris, nails, tools, dust, drop cloths, pounding hammers, and continuous screw guns equals chaos. And if you have children, your home becomes a danger zone rather than a place of refuge and safety. Then you have contractors that seem to do the opposite of what you say and are not responsible for what seems like common sense to you. Review the following suggestions to help you successfully live through the remodeling process. Click Here to Read!


Make Your Small Room Appear Larger
Everyone has a room that seems to be too small.  Perhaps the room feels cramped, dark, invasive, unorganized, or cluttered.  A few simple steps will make your small room feel brighter, more open, and visually appealing.  Here are ten easy ways… Click Here to Read!

Dealing with the House During a Divorce
Emotions are raw and at the end of their rope. Maybe you're behind on bills. You feel alone, and your children are crying out for love that you feel dry on. Divorces are an ugly and devastating part of many lives, and maybe you are there, looking for wisdom in how to cope. Dealing with the house is most likely one of the last things you want to deal with, but unfortunately, it is a very important aspect that demands your attention. The following suggestions will provide you with the basic options to think through and aid to help you keep your priorities in check. Click Here to Read! 

Newsletter Page

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